Imagine if the greatest adaptation to a physical discipline was in fact mental? This was the very insight that Coach Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, and Amundson shared together during a CrossFit certification in 2004. In this first full episode of the “Greg Amundson Show” Greg weaves together stories from Glassman, his late father Dr. Raymond Amundson, and the life of Jesus Christ, to provide the basis for the power we hold in our mind. In this seminal episode, Greg also teaches the practice of “First Words” and the use of daily mantra and affirmation.

Keeping in mind, with the most humble heart do I consider myself to be a mentor because the majority of the time that I’m not teaching, do you know what I’m doing? I’m spending time with my mentors. So even teachers need teachers. Even mentors need mentors. And on the journey that you and I are all on, we all have an opportunity to be that mentor in the life of someone. In fact, my mom told me once, and I’ll elaborate more on this, it was such a beautiful sad moment in my life. She told me, that everybody can be supported and encourage somebody at the same time. Isn’t that brilliant? So this is an opportunity for me to encourage and support and mentor you, and you will then have an opportunity to do the same for a loved one in your life as well.

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