Greg Amundson is the founder and ministry leader of Faith Works Ministry Headquarters located in Santa Cruz, CA. Greg brings an electric combination of passion, credibility and real-world experience to his ministry and devotion to God.

Greg’s late father, Dr. Raymond Amundson, was a Doctor of Chiropractic, Pastor, Bodybuilder, Naval Officer, Deep Sea Diver, Champion Swimmer and world renowned Energetic Healer. His mother, Julianne, was a lifelong Teacher, Minister and Peace Corps Volunteer, who gained recognition for her volunteer work in Jordan, which took her life in 2011. From a very young age, Greg was indoctrinated into the culture of healing practices, leadership, spirituality and ministry.

From his first CrossFit workout in December 2001, Greg was convinced that elite fitness and spirituality could be forged through the sheer intensity of the program. For nearly seventeen years, Greg has been an ambassador for CrossFit, and the integration of spirituality and faith into an exercise program. Through Greg’s unique and expansive career in Law Enforcement and the US Army, to include details as a SWAT Operator, Sniper and DEA Special Agent, Greg has been a pioneer for bringing God into the warrior profession, martial arts studio, and CrossFit gym.

Greg is a three time #1 bestselling and founder of the renowned podcast “The Greg Amundson Show” which focuses on the integration of Faith and fitness. Greg is currently a graduate student in the Masters of Divinity program at Western Seminary in San Jose, CA., and also serves as a State Certified (Peace Officer Standards and Training – POST) Law Enforcement Chaplain in Santa Cruz County.