Faith Works Ministry encourages practicing the spiritual disciplines which have deep roots in the warrior tradition and pursuit of a relationship with God.


In the Bible it says, “The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life” (Job 33:4). At Faith Works Ministry, we embrace the practice of “mindful breathing” and bring specific breathing techniques into our exercise program and ministry.

According to world renowned breathwork pioneer Dan Brule’, the field of “breathwork” is a new and revolutionary approach to self-improvement and self-healing. Breathwork teaches techniques on how to achieve peak performance, optimum health, deep inner peace, and unlimited potential. Most importantly, a daily practice of mindful breathing helps create peace in your mind, ultimately allowing “space” in your thinking to experience the grace of God. Faith Works Ministry teaches basic breathing practices such as “Box Breathing” which have proven themselves to be extremely effective in the gym, on the battlefield, and in awakening the presence of God within us.


The Bible teaches, “Be still, and know I am God” (Psalm 46:10). We believe one of the most effective ways to experience the embrace of God is silence and stillness in His presence. At Faith Works Ministry we teach a variety of meditation practices, to include meditation on the biblical name of God, “Yahweh” and “I AM” in addition to the “Jesus Christ prayer.” Biblical meditation (also referred to as Christian Contemplation) has been shown to have numerous benefits, including a heightened sense of tranquillity, mental clarity, peacefulness and awareness of God’s presence.


In the Bible it says, “Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit in you” (1 Corinthians 6:19). At Faith Works Ministry, we believe everyone has a responsibility to strengthen the temple of both our body and our mind. Exercise and physical fitness can be a form of “active worship” for those committed to developing a relationship with God. In the warrior tradition, it was believed that, “The best friendships are forged by a combination of equal part agony and laughter.” Oftentimes, a challenging workout, when overcome in a community of like-minded believers, is one of the powerful means of developing strength in mind, body and Spirit. At Faith Works Ministry, we are also passionate the principles of “Integrated Fitness” as outlined in Greg Amundson’s book, “VICTORY!” We encourage everyone to take daily steps to enhance fitness, which encompass exercise, proper nutrition, and hydration. For this reason, both exercise and a shared meal are often a component of our monthly ministry services.